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My name is Raquel Butler and my passion to become a Veterinarian all started from a very young age, my love for animals has continued to grow from there. Growing up with dogs, cats, rabbits, riding and competing horses and regular visits to my grandparents cattle and sheep farm allowed my attraction to the outdoors and the country lifestyle to flourish.


Albury, NSW, has proven to be a wonderful place to reside with my loving husband, our gorgeous Rottweiler x Billie (adopted from the Albury Dog Rescue), Chance a 15 year old Quarter horse X (rescued from going to the knackery), Bea (a cheeky little cat), Mia (the wise, well travelled cat) and Henry (super smart 5 year old retired racehorse).
My leisure time includes hiking, cycling, yoga, meditation, working with horses and other outdoor activities.

Graduating from Veterinary Science at Melbourne University in 2004, I spent 3 years in mixed practice, then travelled overseas and worked in the UK.  My travels included Iceland, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Southern Africa, and the high light being South America – Bolivia and Peru where I did some volunteer work for an organisation called Amazon Cares. I also undertook a locum position in Port Villa, Vanuatu, which encompassed a sole charge position.  This provided me with some great life experiences and skills working with differing cultures and animal care. Recently we travelled to Nepal to experience the breath taking Himalayas.

Horses are my passion and have been since I sat on my first horse at the age of 1!  I am astonished at their purity, forgiveness of human nature, their attempts to please, their sensitivity, their intelligence, their beauty and their sacrifice.   This passion led me to Equine, Canine & Cat Muscle Release Therapy (EMRT & CCMRT) which are the official animal arm of Bowen Therapy. Muscle release therapy has given me another dimension to my ability to treat and heal animals, it complements my veterinary work every day – whether in helping an animal in pain, improving an animals appetite, recovery from surgery, to calm an animal to be examined,  aid in the treatment of  colic, acute  and chronic lameness and spinal injuries. It has been invaluable.

The most rewarding part for me is the transformation of the animals eyes, from hard, dull, protecting, sad, painful or completely shut down to soft, responsive, bright, interested and smiling. It truly astounds me!!  It makes my quest an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Addressing an animals problems holistically enable a much more sustainable outcome in the future.  My passion is to optimise your animals quality of life.

My current studies which will compliment my knowledge & experience are:

  • The ASFA saddle fitting course
  • The Diploma of phytotherapy (herbal medicine)
  • Graduate diploma of Animal Biomechanical Medicine

Working in conjunction with a very well  known and respected herbalist, Catherine McDowell brings another element to my ability to provide the most appropriate support to your animals .  Cath is an amazing inspiring women and her knowledge of herbs is world renowned.   The use of herbs is invaluable in obtaining optimal health and wellbeing, and promoting balance in the body especially in chronic body conditions and disease.

Utilising flower essences and Veterinary homotoxicology to complement my treatments allows me to optimise the healing of your animal.
I am a member of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies and the EMRT & CCMRT research team.
To continue to expand my knowledge I plan to undertake the Diploma of Veterinary chiropractic and Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy (barefoot trimming).
My aim is to bridge the gap between science and holistic medicine, revealing the improved outcomes by having an integrated approach to the animal.
My Knowledge is constantly being expanded to enable me to provide your animal with an integrated holistic approach to achieve the optimal results.  I look forward to working with you to devise the best program for your animal – emotionally, physically and mentally.

Kindest Regards,

Dr. Raquel Butler BVSC, mCIVT
Integrated Veterinary Therapeutics
0435 813 505